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'Penny Glaze' Pottery

The story of a serendipitous connection, an inheritance of ceramic glazes & material and the start of a new creative journey.

Penny's Story

Here’s the (shortened) story of how a serendipitous glaze inheritance completely transformed the creative path I was following; aimlessly walking around searching for, for over a decade. It seems that from the start of my creative journey, I have sought an aesthetic that speaks of age; worn & weathered mysteries left to the hands of time.  Finding beauty in the long-forgotten, hidden-beneath-the-earth-for centuries.  As an artist, the ancient past has long been a heavy inspiration in my work. As a ceramicist, I do not seek uniformity and perfection. My work is heavily influenced by the Japanese Aesthetic of Wabi Sabi. "˜Wabi,' is defined as austere beauty, harmony, tranquility and balance. "˜Sabi,' recognizes that beauty is fleeting, welcoming the rusting and weathering patina that becomes over time. Together, ‘Wabi Sabi’ is the idea that beauty is found within imperfections in nature, while accepting and embracing the natural cycle of growth and decay.  ​ Penny’s glazes sat untouched in her cottage studio for over a decade after her passing. Penny was a fellow potter; whom I have never met, yet have an insane connection to. We both attended RVCC, decades apart.  I stumbled into this glaze inheritance when the new owners of Penny’s Estate were seeking to clear out the contents left behind. A kiln, which I plan to convert to a Raku kiln, and just about two dozen 5 gallon buckets of hand-mixed glaze. I also was given a tote of her books, journals, glaze recipes and a vase made by Penny herself! ​ After almost a decade hiatus from working with clay; I have been able to dive back into what once filled my soul with a raging fire of passion, guided by divine inspiration. I am guided by Penny, constantly discovering notes and messages left in her notes. I do hope to carry her legacy through my work; as I seek to unearth the creativity that burns deep within my soul. Through my work, I hope you find beauty in the uniqueness and imperfections of form; in the idea of “chance." I do not preplan; I treat each piece as an individual meditation that unfolds naturally. I can’t wait to embark deeper on this journey and unearth the mysteries of Penny’s glazes.

Penny Glazes



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