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A little about me…

It might finally be time to do an introductory post; as many of you have followed me for a while now and probably don’t even know my name. I’m Nikki! Thank you for following along my artistic journey!

I have taken 31 trips around the sun; which has left me with nothing more than yearning for more knowledge and new experiences.

Since I was a child, I spent every moment I could outside in the woods. From the moment I got off the school bus until dinner time, I was outside building tree forts; climbing trees, collecting rocks and making mud pies. If I wasn’t outside building something; I was inside making art.

Throughout my life; both as a child and as an adult, I compare my waking moments with that of the ancient past; how differently our ancestors experienced life. As a kid all I wanted to do was live in a the woods and pretend I was a Native American.

Indigenous cultures was something I’ve always been extremely interested in. Seeing the commonalities of beliefs and traditions across the globe during ancient times makes me wonder how or why; if there was no way of communicating with one another (like we can do nowadays!) It’s almost as if they all knew something we don’t know… or do know but are conditioned to believe otherwise.

My interests and passions lie predominantly with Norse, Native American and Ancient Egypt. They’ve become almost obsessions that I dive into and seek to know as much as possible. It’s a yearning I just can’t turn off.

I spent the last decade working in the public school system as an art teacher. “Art teacher,” you must think… “what a cool job! How fun!” While yes, for a little while it was all that my soul wanted. A job where I can make art all day and never stop creating! Boy was I wrong with that vision…

Covid definitely look it’s toll on the education system; which was already crumbling before. I felt pieces of my soul slowly falling away from me as I grew emptier and emptier as days, months, and years went by.  The passion I once had was completely gone and I was moving through the same day to day cycle. Finding/making the time to be an artist was just impossible. I spend years and years of my life pouring all of my creative energy away and didn’t even get to make my own art.

This can’t be right; I thought. There’s no way I can do this for the rest of my life my soul is screaming that I can’t do this a moment longer.

The passion and invigoration I had during my college years was completely gone. My desire to create and learn about the ancient past was being smothered by my comfortable pension job that provided security in this (beautiful and stable) economy.

This past school year; I took the leap. I told my boss the last week of school that I didn’t think I would be returning in the fall. That for personal reasons; I cannot continue and would be leaving the education system completely. Teary eyed as I walked out of his office; I went back to my classroom to continue packing up. The classroom my younger self couldn’t wait to have; the classroom that I grew up in and took art classes in as a child…. I couldn’t wait to walk away.

& that hurt.  Something that I wanted so badly for so long; to want it to all just disappear. It crazy how the soul falls out of alignment with what we think we want. I continuously thought about all of my students; how would they feel when they learned their art teacher would be leaving unexpectedly?

I buried it.  I couldn’t endure the pain of breaking their hearts. But I could not longer endure the pain of remaining in a place that was slowly breaking me.

I decided to do the scariest thing I’ve done; and officially quit my stable-income job. I decided to pour all of my energy into building a pottery business that allows me to dive fully into my passions and interests; all which lie in the ancient past and within nature.

To teach; apparently was something written in my DNA because in ancient times, “Sages” were known as spiritual teachers and healers. I left the public school system to teach; but in a different manner. Teaching the truth; which has been suppressed for centuries.

With my business, Sage Soul Studio,  I seek to learn more about cultures of the days of the past, and teach my learnings through my creations.

As an artist; I have explored MANY different mediums. Abstract expressionist painting; charcoal portraiture and pottery have been my most common interests over the years; with clay being the forefront of my creations. I know as a life-long learner, my artistic medium explorations will never end.

There’s something about the physical aspect of creating that I enjoy the most.  Connecting deeply to Mother Earth through the act of creating; I find stillness, peace and clarity of thought. It is when I work with clay that the worries of the world can just fall away. It becomes a meditation; a time for introspection and self-awareness. It forces me to slow down… something I refuse on a daily basis.

Since leaving my comfy job with a beautiful retirement; my mental health has improved tremendously. My soul has finally been able to twirl around and explore and experiment while I continue to dive deep within to discover more about the ancient past; and more about the souls’ journey. I have great visions for my business, and I know it takes time to build. There are days where I question my sanity, and there are days where I feel as high as the clouds because I am finally doing what my inner child has always dreamed of being.  An artist; and a feral forest creature.

I thank each and every one of you for following me along this journey to self-discovery. I struggle with the digital aspects of running a business because I would much rather be elbows-deep in clay. Please know I am so grateful for your support. Your sales spark a fire in my heart because all of my creations I hold dear to me.

I’m so excited to see how my journey unfolds; and I’m so glad you’re following along for the ride!

Much love,


Photography credit : Lauren Dehrone @daisiesanddimes - another fabulous artist and dear friend! Check out her page for gorgeous handmade jewelry creations.

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