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The Solar Eclipse :  ‘and everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon’

Paired with the New Moon in Aries, means energetically you may be feeling the intense desire to purge, combined with anticipation for fresh new starts, growth and healing. 

The media of course dabbles with their typical hype; encouraging you to pack the family up and head to Ohio so you don’t miss this rare planetary opportunity. Don’t forget your eclipse glasses! They already have the National Guard in position, I hope you stocked up on groceries… I forgot to. 

In ancient times, cultures across the globe slipped into a period of fear at this time. Many would remain inside in both introspection and anticipation. An impending ending was for certain as darkness slowly cast over the sky. 

In China, the invisible dragon eating the sun had to be chased away which resulted in people banging on drums and clanging pots and pans while archers shot arrows into the sky. 

Norse Mythology describes the solar eclipse as two wolves; Skoll and Hati, forever chasing the sun and moon. At this time, their irresistible hunger for celestial bodies finally allowed them to catch up to their prey. Vikings across Northern Europe would hoot and holler to chase away the impending Ragnarok (A.K.A end of the world). 

There was once a time, in 585 BC, that the Middle East actually stopped fighting and forged a peace treaty once a solar eclipse had taken place. The people of Tahiti would smile at the solar eclipse; knowing the moon finally caught up to its love, the sun. 

Here in 2024, we still have this strange split between fear and hope. The media continues to push the fear, with many believing we are at the end of times. Spiritualists speak of the intense portal we are upon, encouraging everyone to lean into trust to usher in the ‘New Earth.’ Global meditations to raise the collective frequency will be happening at the same time thousands of others are wearing cardboard rectangles across their face.

It's no doubt a rare phenomenon; and the choice is up to each individual whether or not you choose to lean into fear or trust. So while many walk outside this afternoon to follow the governmental guidelines for a solar eclipse; A.K.A wear weird looking glasses that you can grab at Walmart and just stare up at the sun in tremendous awe for 4 minutes and then continue your day…

I’ll be in the studio, wearing one of my pairs of studio glasses listening to Pink Floyd.   

Apparently by beginning the landmark 1972 album, “Dark Side of the Moon,’ at 2:32 PM

 ‘and everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.’

 will sync up with the totality of the eclipse. My source is Tiktok.

Spend today however rings true to your soul, my friends. 

Allow this historical moment to leave your fears, insecurities and pain in the past. Allow them to be carried away while the moon passes through. Then take another look at the sun and remember, the light always wins. 

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