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Time to heal the 'Witch Wound,' Time to live for the inner-child.

2024 is the year I step into complete authenticity. For too long I have allowed parts of myself to remain hidden beneath the surface due to fears and insecurities placed upon me due to judgment from others. 

2024 is the year I heal what is called the ‘Witch Wound.’ 

2024 is the year I live for my inner-child. 

For several years now, I have spent my time in what I call “hermit mode.” Self-inflicted, but absolutely necessary and transformative. Spending time in the darkest depths of the shadow, I’ve uncovered memories I’ve long forgotten, visited fears I never seek to experience, and have had visions of absolute clarity and bliss. 

I’ve spent a great deal of time in deep reflection since setting out on this journey that I call ‘Sage Soul Studio,’ which arose when I was at my absolute breaking point in my teaching career. Beginning ‘Sage Soul Studio’ was my way of leaving my past behind me and to set out deeper on this spiritual journey. A journey to learn more about topics that I have always had an insane interest in, but most importantly to uncover hidden truths about myself that I haven’t yet come to the realizations of. A journey to teach others what I have been learning, to inspire and to hopefully help them along their healing journey. 

Because the truth is, the ‘healing journey’ begins the moment we are born into this world, whether we are ready for it or not.  We are born into societal and religious expectations; that we are taught not to ever question. We are taught not to step out of line and follow orders. We are born into traumas inherited by our parents, who inherited from their parents and so on. We are born with past-life traumas that we cannot consciously understand, yet we are unconsciously guided by every single day. We experience trauma from a young age that we suppress and carry through to our adulthood, whether we know it or not.

Truth is, I have written dozens of stories for blog posts in my head, but haven’t yet sat down to write any of them. I have found myself with countless ideas and inspirations for art, only to throw them into the endless pit of ideas swirling around in my mind. I often find myself remaining in the shadows… not sharing what I really want to share because the fear of judgment creeps in. The truth is, I am tired of living in a world where there is so much judgment between one another. People look down on others if they do not agree with their lifestyle choices, their interests, or expectations set upon them. 

The ‘Witch Wound’ is a term I came to find within the past few years, and only recently has the soul began to scream louder and louder for me to heal it. A term to describe the fear of being persecuted for being exactly who you are. A term to describe the silencing; the shrinking, and the dimming of light due to other’s opinions or beliefs.  A term that is rooted in the dark history of the Burning Times, when tens of thousands of women and men were brutally tortured and murdered for not converting or for being suspected of ‘Witchcraft.’ This ancestral trauma unconsciously manifests as a ‘fear of being seen’ and not fully stepping into one’s own power, even hundreds of years after these dark times. 

I did not leave my teaching career to be a Potter,  I left my teaching career to be an Artist. To step into complete authenticity, to re-discover my own self, and to become the woman that my inner child could only dream of becoming… and that just might be what some call a ‘witch.’ 

Absolutely terrifying…I know. Because ‘witches,’ simply put, are those who are deeply connected to nature, honor the cycles and seasons, have a deep love for animals and all life, understand the interconnectivity of all things, and seek to become a better version of themselves each and every day. Yes, it is catastrophic… burn the witch!!      

If my ‘business’ fails because I have stepped into 100% authenticity, well I will rest with the biggest smile on my face. It honestly sickens me to call myself a ‘business-woman’ because that term feels so out of alignment with my soul. Making pottery for the sake of just making pottery is not what I seek to do. There needs to be meaning, there needs to be depth. There needs to be a story; there needs to be truth. Spiritually, esoterically, and metaphysically-inspired is the path I am following with my work. Inspired by nature; creating with nature. Inspired by the ancient-past; uncovering mysteries from the ancient-past. Seeking relentlessly for truth.

I am an artist. It is my job to challenge the status quo, to be controversial and make people feel uncomfortable. It is my job to force others to think deeper and hopefully embrace the parts of themselves that they run from. I only seek to help others on their healing journey; and that is the driving factor behind ‘Sage Soul Studio.’ I am not just a Potter, my soul explores so many different methods of creating; pottery is all that you currently see. There is so much more to come.

2024 will be the year I release all fears, insecurities and doubts of who I am and who I will show up as to the world . Embracing my true identity will be the redemption I offer to my ancestors; to those who came before and who could not embrace their true self. 

2024 will be the year I finally start to share my story; the inspiration and drive behind my work. 

You will see nothing but authenticity, for I only follow the call of the soul. 

I seek to impress no one; if it is not a pure representation of who I am. I will no longer hold back sharing what the soul feels called to share with the world. Judgment of others is no longer an obstacle on my path. 

So here is a public-service announcement: Women, men, any age, any religious background… heal your ‘witch wound.’ Follow your own path, own your power and stop giving a damn about what anyone thinks of you. 

Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.

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Yes! Going through something similar! I even wrote a poem that mentions the witches’ wound!

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