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First from the new "Ruins" Mug Series


Caerlaverock Castle 

Inspired by a random Google Earth exploration; by chance landed on this unbelievable 13th Century castle ruins on the southern Coast of Scotland. Obsessed with ruins for quite some time; I had to find a way to use it as inspiration in my work.

I zoomed in on random walls, took screenshots of the brick patterns, and transferred them onto the surface of the clay. I don't know what it is, but I am the kind of person that finds immense beauty in ruins, the indestructible remains surrendering to nature and time. (I am also the kind of person toally cool with staring at rocks all day!)


Caerlaverock Castle: Prestigious home and fortress to the Maxwells, a well respected clan dating back to the 12th Century. It was known for it's centuries-long battle with the English with a history of being captured, recaptured, only to be captured again. In 1300, King Edward himself brought an army of thousands to invade and besiege, successfully after only two days of resist. The castle was again captured in 1640; after a 13 week battle before surrender. After this seige, the castle was stripped of all valuables and partially demolished; leaving it to crumble and surrender to time and nature. 


A symbol of growth and decay. An inevitable cycle within life. 


The exact brick patterns from a historical landmark; laid by hand centuries ago.

Carved by my hand, ready to fit into your hand! 

Caerlaverock Castle Ruin Mug

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