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Handcarved 'Ruin Mug' - the actual brick patterns from historical ruin sites. Ruins are examined on Google Earth; snapshots taken of walls, printed and traced onto the surface of the clay. 


Eketorp Fortress

Eketorps Borg, Degerhamn, Sweden


Eketorps Borg, Sweden’s only remaining (reconstructed) ring fortresses, still containing houses that date back to the Iron age. This ancient structure was first built sometime in the 300s by about 20 households in order to defend their possessions. Around the 400s, the fortress was reconstructed and inhabited as a farming village for several hundred years, home to around 150-200 people. After being abandoned in the 700s, the fortress was left to decay and crumble to the earth for almost 500 years. From 1170-1240, Eketorp was used as a military garrison with a cavalry and over a hundred structures within the walls. Archaeologists found many arrowheads at this site, evidence that a need for defense was necessary for survival. The well in the central courtyard dates back to the Iron Age, and it is said to still provide water, proof that no matter how much time passes, the element of water will forever exist.  24,000 artifacts have been discovered and are on display in the fortress’s museum, forever shedding light on life many years ago.  


*Ruin mugs will soon be made available for custom orders! 

Eketorp Fortress Ruin Mug

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