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14 oz handmade ceramic mug 


Connect to the energies of the crystals fused to the handle of your mug as you calm your mind, and sip on a soothing cup of tea or coffee.


Hubei Turquoise, commonly known as Chinese Turquoise.
Turquoise has been an adored stone throughout ancient history across many cultures as it was thought to be a highly prestigious, protective stone. For millenniums, Turquoise was a talisman of luck, protection, power and good fortune.

Known as the stone of communication, it is a popular choice for clearing, balancing and stimulating the Throat Chakra. It is thought to help to refresh the mind and bring emotional calmness, promoting inner peace and tranquility, providing a clearer path for self-expression. Turquoise is known for assisting with finding wholeness and truth, exuding compassion for self and others. Communicating oneself clearly and aligning the soul with pure authenticity brings warmth and stillness to the heart center, reflecting this energy onto others encourages them to do the same.

Hubei Turquoise Mug

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