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Crystal wake & bake set.


10oz ‘dimple cup’ (handle less mug) with my special Labradorite inspired glaze.


Pipe with Labradorite and Quartz adhered to the surface. Infuse the energizes of the crystals with your cannabis session. Set positive intentions and light on up.


This was one of those strange pieces, where the pipe fell over in the kiln and got stuck to two other pieces. After separating, I had to grind away the broken shards of clay which left bare spots with no glaze. I then took Quartz crystals and glued them all over like a maniac to cover up these glaze imperfections. The cup is one of my remaining ‘dimple cups’ which look insane but are super comfortable to hold. I decided to take them and pair them up for a strange but interesting wake & bake set.





With an impeccable similarity in appearance  to the Aurora Borealis; legends state that an Inuit warrior discovered the stone in a cave, believing it to be the Northern lights embedded into the earth.  It was considered to be a powerful stone of transformation. It is wonderful for tapping into inner strength, adapting to new situations and embracing personal growth.


Clear Quartz

Stone known to be the “master healer,” as it amplifies, absorbs, stores and regulates energy. It draws negativity and balances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. Acts as a deep soul cleanser and helps enhance psychic abilities.



*Cup can be used for hot or cold liquids, microwave dishwasher safe.

*For cleaning pipe, shake well with salt and rubbing alcohol.

Labradorite & Quartz Wake & Bake Set

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