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Ceramic lunula pendant intended to look like ancient, weathered treasures that have been lost to time for centuries. 

Brown suede cord is 9" long with barrel clasp.


The Lunula amulet dates back to Ancient Rome, often worn for protection against evil and to serve as a token of good luck. The crescent-saped moon was honorable to Diana, Goddess of the moon and the hunt in Roman mythology. 


They were also popular amulets across Germanic, Nordic, and Celtic history. A symbol of protection, fertility, good luck, and happiness.


Lunulas were most often hand-forged in metal, which means it would not be common for any two Lunula pendants to look exactly the same. That is my goal for my new line of Lunulas; no two will be exactly the same. Each pendant is hand rolled, hand carved and designed to be completely one of a kind.


*My special 'Penny Glazes' achieve the ancient metal patina.

Lunula Amulet Pendant

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