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14oz ceramic mug, handcarved runic inscription inspired by archaeoligical evidence.

*One of my special 'Penny Glazes"




The Oseberg Ship; a discovery found in 1904 reveals one of Norway’s most intriguing finds of the Viking Age… the gravesite of two mysterious women. Not only was it a highly prestigious ship with elaborate carvings, treasures and animal sacrifices; but it was the final resting place intended for someone of incredibly high ranking.

Speculations have been made around the identity of these two women; whether they were related or of equal status. Their clothing and diets indicate their high-status and several items hint one of these women could have been a sorceress, or Völva.

One item in particular that was discovered was a piece of wood, thought to be part of an oar or staff with runic inscriptions that read,

“litet-vis maðr,”

which translates into English as:

“man knows little.”

Whether or not this truly was the gravesite of a powerful all-seeing Völva, no one really knows what this runic inscription stood for.

Was it an ancient enigmatic musing, contemplating the matters of life and death? Could she see the unimaginable with her connections to a higher power, and understand what mankind could not? Or was she a hysterical woman for her time, wanting to leave her mark on the world after being asked the question, “what do you want written on your tombstone?”

“Man knows little.”

Oseberg Ship Runes - 'Man Knows Little'

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