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10 oz ceramic mug with Rainforest Jasper adhered to the handle.

Each mug is unique in appearance and one if a kind. 


Connect to the energies of the crystals fused to the handle of your mug as you calm your mind, and sip on a soothing cup of tea or coffee. 


Mug is suitable for dishwashers/microwaves. However, to ensure the integrity of bond of the crystal and handle, hand-washing is recommended.


Rainforest Jasper

Stone of inner strength . One of the best stones for connecting to mother nature. Connects us to the web of life and is a great meditation stone. Strengthens feelings of self-respect and self-value. Brings feelings of hope, renewal and energy. Highly creative, and helps one connect to their spiritual life.

Rainforest Jasper Crystal Healing Mug

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