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Handmade, ceramic Rune sets.
24 pieces included in a velvet bag.

*Made to order -indicate whether you want white clay or red clay

Connect with the wisdom of the Runes, connect to the higher self, tap into your intuition and inner guidance with this ancient form of divination.

Rune sets will include a handout containing brief descriptions of each Rune to help guide you in the right direction.




What are runes?


Runes are an ancient divination tool and futhark (alphabet) used by Germanic and Nordic tribes. ‘Rune,’ simply means secret, whisper or mystery. Similar to oracle cards, Runes are used to help gain insight into situations in our lives.


There are various futharks, due to the evolution over time as language progressed and tribes intermingled. The Elder Futhark, the oldest known, dates back to c. 160 CE. until about  c. 700 CE.  

The Younger Futhark, illuminated the Viking Age from  790 CE. to c. 1100 CE. 

The Anglo- Saxon Futhorc, became a popular writing system in England from the 5th-11th century.

 The use of Runes in Scandinavia continued well into the Middle Ages and beyond.


Divination Runes are composed of the Elder Futhark, each Rune is typically carved into small pieces of  stone, metal, wood, bone or any other natural earth element. As each Rune symbolized a different ‘letter’ in the alphabet, each had a specific symbolic meaning. For example, ‘Fehu,’ F - means cattle, symbolic of wealth. ‘Uruz,’ U - means wild ox, symbolic of strength or power. 


Once one becomes accustomed to the meanings behind each Rune, they can be pulled and messages can intuitively be put together to shed insight into situations or help answer any questions one may have. Spending time meditating on and  researching the meanings behind each rune is recommended


Runes have been known to carry magical qualities as well, as the people of Scandinavia believed in a form of magic called Seidr. Seidr is a pre-Christian Norse shamanism that is concerned with discerning the course of fate and working within its structure to bring about change through spirit journeys, magical healing and prophecy. Some believe that by carrying or carving runes, one will draw those energies into their daily lives. 


Similar to Tarot and Oracle, Runes are a tool used to connect to your higher self and help shed insight into any problem or situation you may be facing. If you are looking to reconnect with the ways of our ancient civilizations, give them a try! Connect to the earth through this process as each Rune is made of clay and spend time meditating on what messages come through for you. 



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