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Handmade 12 oz ceramic mug with handcarved Runic Alphbet (Elder Futhark)


What are Runes?

Runes were an ancient form of writing used by Germanic and Nordic tribes. ‘Rune,’ simply means secret, whisper or mystery. Not only do Runes signify letters in an alphabet (Futhark,) they are also known for carrying secret messages and mystical energies. 


Runic Futharks

Centuries ago, Runes were a method of writing for Nordic/Germanic tribes. There are various Futharks (alphabets) due to the evolution over time as language progressed and tribes intermingled. 

The Elder Futhark, the oldest known, dates back to c. 160 CE. until about  c. 700 CE.  

The Younger Futhark, illuminated the Viking Age from  790 CE. to c. 1100 CE. 

The Anglo- Saxon Futhorc, became a popular writing system in England from the 5th-11th century.

 The use of Runes in Scandinavia continued well into the Middle Ages and beyond.


Odin and the Runes

Odin, the ‘Allfather’ in Norse Mythology  was a relentless seeker of wisdom known for his sacrifices and his unstoppable will to understand the mysteries of life. Most commonly identified with having one-eye ; Odin sacrificed his own eye in pursuit of greater wisdom and magical knowledge. He was said to have discovered the Runes; by hanging himself on the world tree Yggdrasil for 9 days and 9 nights.

Runes as Talismans

The ancient people of Scandinavia believed in various forms of magic and communicating with the Gods.  Nowadays; some believe that by carrying or carving runes and setting an intention to it allows one to embody the energies associated with it. By believing that runes hold special meanings; we are continuing an ancient runic tradition that was revered by our ancestors.

Runic Alphabet Mug

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