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Handmade ceramic vase with handcarved Runic love poem insciption inspired by archaeological discovery. 


In 1955, a fire destroyed a large part of the town Bryggen, Norway. This massive excavation of a medieval village led archeologists to discover over 550 items with runic inscriptions dating back to 1150-1350 AD. 


 Icelandic Rúnakefli ( Runesticks) were the ancient people’s method of sending simple messages to one another, comparable to telegrams or modern day text messages. This was an important archaeological discovery that became evidence that runes were used for far more than previously thought.


This was an illumination into the mundane everyday life in ancient times as archaeologists found inscriptions of trade receipt, name tags, Old Norse poems, Latin poems, Magic formulas and curses, religious inscriptions, drunken nonsense, secret messages and confessions of love.  


During this era, it was said that men would carve love messages or poems into sticks and drop them along the laps of the women they had interest in. Among the runesticks discovered in Bryggen, the following inscription of love was found after being buried for centuries; just waiting to be discovered. 


Mun þú mik, man ek þik. Unn þú mér, ann ek þér.

Remember me, I remember you. Love me; I love you. 

Runic Love Poem Vase

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