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8oz ceramic mug


*Limited Edition Tarot Mug Line

The Magician is known as the card of manifestation. A true master of Alchemy; utilizing all of the elements - the physical (earth), mental (air), emotional (water), and spiritual (fire) to manifest dreams & desires. The Magician knows there is unlimited potential when driven soulfully and not through the ego. A representation of pure willpower, a reminder to take action and chase your dreams. Embody the energy of the Magician. Hold true to your inner-power, know that when you create your inner world, the outer world will soon follow.


*Notice glaze bumps photographed. Just another one of those unexpected things that sometimes happen during the firing process. A cosmetic imperfection, that might be soothing to hold, unless you are not a ‘texture’ person!

The Magician

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