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Handmade 14oz ceramic mug with Tiger's Eye adhered to the handle.

In my popular 'dimple' style, the comfortable grip helps alleviate hand pain when held with a warm beverage. 


Connect to the energies of the crystals fused to the handle of your mug as you calm your mind, and sip on a soothing cup of tea or coffee.

Tiger’s Eye
Stone of protection and powerful grounding abilities; carrying the energies of the sun and earth. Used during ancient times as a protection amulet, and was once considered more precious than gold. It was thought to ward off curses and the evil eye. Helps to promote mental clarity, release fear and anxiety, boost self-confidence and inner strength. Think of embodying the tiger’s strength and confidence; or having the protection of a Tiger with you at all times!! 

Tiger's Eye Crystal Healing Mug

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