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12oz ceramic cup, handcarved Vegvisir. 


The Vegvisir, “way” (vegr) “shower” (vísir), symbolic of a way finder, meant to prevent the person carrying it from losing their way. A symbol of guidance and protection. 

Although many associate the Vegvisir as a Viking symbol, it historically does not date back to the Viking age. The Huld Manuscript, which was written in Iceland by Geir Vigfusson in 1860 indicates, (translated into English)


Carry this sign with you and you won’t get lost in storms or bad weather, even in unfamiliar surroundings.


The Vegvisir is created with 8 Rune staves symbolising: Protection, direction, stability, finding one’s way, making right decisions, being in control, safety, and guidance.


Allow your Vegvisir to help you find your way along your journey, even if you do not yet know your direction or destination.

Vegvisir Mug

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