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Sage Soul


Artist. Dreamer. Wisdom Seeker.

Handcrafting pottery with a deep interest in metaphysical, esoteric & ancient wisdom. Exploring the ancient past through intuitively created designs.

Inspired by nature;

Creating with nature.

Forest Photoshoot
*Check back often as my work is always changing and no two pieces are ever the same!

Time to travel...

I am so excited to announce that I will begin traveling (back in time) with my wares in February 2024! First stop on my journey is the Michigan Nordic Fire Festival in Charlotte Michigan.

For as long as I can remember, I have had an insane obsession with the ancient past. Through my art, I seek to mimic the beauty of aged, long-forgotten archaeological finds that have been buried within the earth; waiting for centuries.

Traveling with me is my ‘Viking-Age Hoard of Treasures.’ Pottery inspired by unearthed archaeological discoveries from our ancient past. Just as Viking hoards would be filled with treasures of all sorts; each piece is designed to be completely unique with a profound significance and a story waiting to be unraveled. An aesthetic that speaks of age; worn & weathered mysteries left to the hands of time. Finding beauty in the long-forgotten, hidden-beneath-the-earth-for centuries. No two pieces will be the same.

Since ancient times, humans across various cultures believed that crystals held special powers. They were held in high regard and used during the Viking-age for various purposes. That sounds crazy I know; that the ‘woo-woo crystal-obsessed’ weirdos have anything in common with the ruthless berserkers from our ancient past. From archaeological evidence, it is apparent that our ancestors have valued crystals and their healing and protective properties for thousands of years. As new age and spiritual topics are increasing in popularity, it is with hope that we can one day return to our ancestral roots.

I seek to instill a deep connection to nature through my work; just as our ancestors had a profound appreciation and connection to nature which seems to have dwindled away over time. With the gentle embrace of crystals, antlers, earthy glazes and ancient-inspired designs; I hope you find a deeper connection to nature and our ancestral past through my work as I seek to unearth the mysteries of a time long ago…

Follow along for more along my journey into the ancient past! Where will I travel next?

Nordic Fire Festival

Charlotte, Michigan

February 23rd-25th

The Viking Experience

Stem, North Carolina

March 23rd-24th

Step back in time...